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Signage Displays

Sharp’s range of professional signage display solutions bring fine screen resolution and exceptional colour fidelity to any environment where effective visual communication is essential. Our commercial grade signage displays help you communicate, collaborate and distribute information effectively.


Sharp Interactive touch board touchscreen digital blackboard

Interactive Displays

Designed to enhance the user experience in a variety of settings, our interactive displays allow for effortless collaboration, communication and sharing. Sharp next-generation interactive display are brilliant for any environment and ensure seamless integration with existing infrastructure.

Direct View LED

Sharp/NEC’s dv LED solutions are engineered with innovative and patented SMD Multi-Color LEDs, for excellent image quality. Designed for quick and easy set-up, the product is light weight and super slim for unobtrusive integration either free-standing or wall mounted.

sharp africa video walls large mall TV advertisement digital poster

Video Wall Solution

Sharp video wall displays are designed to fit virtually any application. Configure your video wall with nearly unlimited creativity so that you capture attention. Our real-time callibration solution enables uniformed brightes and color representation. Infinitely Scalable with unlimited screens

Professional Projectors

Adaptable, professional projectors for mobile or mounted usage, Sharp/NEC's Business Projectors offer a wide range of good brightness capacities, lamp option and long filter life to ensure compellingly low total cost of ownership.

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