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SHARP Photocatalyst workplace solution wins the IF DESIGN AWARD 2022

The photocatalyst workplace solution is the winner of this year’s IF DESIGN AWARD 2022 in the Professional Concept discipline.

The award winning concept uses the slightest of light to improve the environment by using photocatalyst workplace solutions.

Photocatalyst anti virus spray

IF awards photocatalsyt


sharp-photocatalyst-News_award_iF2022_04IF AWARDS photocataplst  


Sharp’s Photocatalysts are unique material technologies with antibacterial, antiviral and deodorizing effects even under interior lighting. Currently, Sharp provides antibacterial sprays and antibacterial coating services to offices as their core business. In the future, it intends to develop new business concepts, beyond the spraying of photocatalyst materials, with a range of products and services to create a safe working environment for all workers.

As the antibacterial effect can’t be seen, we have represented our Photocatalyst materials in various forms and we have developed a design that enables users to experience the “antibacterial effect”. To ensure that users can recognize the Sharp`s Photocatalyst materials as a brand, we decided to create a sense of unity by implementing a holographic color image on all products and packages.

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