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Secured document workplace matters: Ensuring the safety of your sensitive data


With the rise of digitalization, new strategies are being created to attack businesses, and new malware scripts are being developed. These threats can lead to data breaches, financial losses, and reputational damage, all of which can have long-lasting consequences for a business. Office printers can often be the weak link in an organization's security.

Office printers now have the capability to connect to the network (local and internet) to provide cloud storage, scan-to-email and mobile printing functionalities. Businesses and organizations should consider these factors as why it is essential to have a secured office printer:

Protect data and and confidential information

Network-connected printers can be a target for cybercriminals who want to gain access to your organization's network. Printers often store data on their hard drives, including print jobs, user credentials, and other sensitive information. Without proper security measures in place, this data can be accessed by hackers and used for malicious purposes. Having a printer with robust security features such as server authentication, whitelisting, and virus detection can help prevent these attacks, ensuring that your organization's data remains secure.

Protect brand reputation

Reputation is an organization's overall perception in the eyes of its customers, stakeholders, and the general public. A data breach or cybersecurity incident can erode customer trust and confidence in the organization's ability to protect their personal information. They may hesitate to do business with the organization, leading to declining revenue and profits. A printer with robust security features can help protect the organization's reputation and prevent financial losses.

Enhance productivity

A secured printer can help reduce downtime caused by printer malfunctions, cyber-attacks, and other security-related issues. It can enhance collaboration by enabling employees to share and print documents securely. This can augment teamwork and allow employees to work together more efficiently, leading to increased productivity.

Boost confidence

Implementing robust security measures, including secure printers, demonstrates an organization's commitment to protecting sensitive information. This can enhance trust among customers, partners, and stakeholders who rely on the organization to handle their data securely. A strong reputation for data security can positively impact business relationships and attract new customers.


As more businesses adopt a hybrid working model and rely on web connected technologies, having secure network connected printers has become more essential than ever.

"We believe that a secured document workplace matters and understand that businesses need reliable and secure printing solutions" said Stanley Samuel, Deputy General Manager at SHARP Middle East and Africa. He further added "With SHARP multifunctional printers, we offer our customers peace of mind that comes with knowing that their data is well-protected."

SHARP sets a new standard for printer security: offering a wide-range of security features, including data encryption, BIOS firmware security, server authentication, scheduled data eraser, opt. anti-virus/anti-malware kit and other industry standard security features. With SHARP's enterprise security, users can be assured that their sensitive data is secured.


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