Sharp, Anest Iwata use advanced photocatalyst to enhance safety for children at Lochvaal shelter


Japanese multinational corporation Sharp, in partnership with Japanese spray paint technology firm Anest Iwata, has deployed advanced photocatalyst technology to improve health and safety at a children’s shelter in Lochvaal, Vanderbijlpark.

Lochvaal Emfuleni Welfare has been offering safe refuge to the region’s disadvantaged community for more than two decades. Thanks to the various sponsorship from different donors, the organisation has been able to increase its capacity and is now home to close on 100 people, including 22 children.

The corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity entailed applying Sharp's photocatalyst solution to commonly used surfaces in the Emfuleni Welfare Family Care, Shelter and Development Centre at Lochvaal.

Sharp's photocatalyst solution is presented in the form of a liquid that can be easily sprayed over any surface. On activation, a group of ions are formed, effectively eliminating viruses, bacteria, fungi and even bad odours that result from volatile organic compounds. This powerful reaction significantly reduces the need for constant cleaning and disinfection. The applied coating layer remains effective for one full year, providing long-lasting protection with complete safety.

SHARP SOUTH AFRICA disinfectant photo catalyst


Anest Iwata, with their highly specialised spray guns and expertise, played a crucial role in ensuring the best results from the application of the photocatalyst solution. Their collaboration allowed for precise and efficient application, maximising the effectiveness of the solution in eliminating surface contaminants.

Selma Jonker, Chairperson of Lochvaal Emfuleni Welfare, says: “It is important for us to ensure that our children can learn in a safe environment. From this point of view, Sharp's photocatalyst has made a significant contribution to the wellness of our children.”

Sota Saito, Managing Director of Sharp Middle East & Africa, says the partnership between Sharp and Anest Iwata has resulted in several successful trials in South African facilities. “Testing in local hospitals delivered continuous and stable protection, reducing surface contaminants by up to 95%, while testing in a leading automotive manufacturing facility reduced surface contamination by up to 91% over a 12-month period,” he says.

Tetsuichi Hina, Managing Director of Anest Iwata South Africa, says the CSR activity at Lochvaal Welfare was a great success. “The application of the photocatalyst solution is providing a safer and healthier environment for the shelter’s residents. Anest Iwata is available to assist other organisations wanting to support similar charitable projects.”

The CSR activity at Lochvaal Welfare is another demonstration of the companies' commitment to promoting health and safety in South Africa through innovative and cost-effective solutions like Sharp photocatalyst.


Saito and Hina note that Sharp and Anest Iwata’s CSR programme demonstrates the commitment of both companies towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which aim to address global challenges such as poverty, inequality and climate change. The application of photocatalyst in the shelter is an example of how organisations can contribute to the SDGs by addressing local social and environmental issues.


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SHARP SOUTH AFRICA disinfectant photo catalyst

SHARP disinfectant spray photocatalyst